Wednesday, August 5, 2020


Here are some routines for our gymnasts to have a look at.  Click here to see even more routines. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Welcome to 2018 Gym


Sorry the Blog has been so quiet this year!  Things have been very busy.

So, this year:

Gymnastics will be on Tuesday and Thursday Lunch Times.

Mrs McCashin and Robyn will be taking the Tuesday session and Mrs Hughes will be taking the Thursday session.  Thursday will be more based around the seniors that will be doing the comps this term.  Tuesday will be working through routines with the juniors.

This Tuesday we would like ALL those thinking of doing gym to come along and have a go and there will be a short meeting beforehand.

We encourage you all to come and have a go, however, if you are coming to gym you need to remember that we are volunteering our time and expect all those coming in to listen and to not distract each other.  You will learn far more if you take the time to listen.

Any questions, see Mrs McCashin around the school.

Look forward to seeing you all next week!

Robyn Hall
Shanelle McCashin
Marie Hughes

Monday, October 16, 2017

YIPEE ...... Term 4

Hi Gym Bunnies

Goodness me, last term was super busy with Gym Comps and training.

We had a great comp here at MIGS Gym in Rotorua where we were able to take a big team of 32 girls to this comp.  The Rotorua one is always a big one for us, with it being local it is also a good time to take some of the girls who are still learning but give them the experience. We had a lot of medals and ribbons come home which was extremely exciting.  I was so proud of all the girls who competed, all well  behaved and enjoyed themselves.

We have no more competitions this year but we do have to keep training and working on a display that we put on at the Grandparents Day which is super cool!  We don't get a lot of time to do the display but we will be putting a group in for it covering all of our abilities.


Please remember you will need shorts and a T-Shirt this term.

We will start up in Week 2 this Term.  Looking forward to seeing you all and hope you all enjoyed your break.

Happy cartwheeling!

Robyn and Marie

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Hi Everyone

Lovely to see so many of you coming along to practices every week and trying very hard to improve on your gymnastics routines.

We are continuing to work with the ones that are competition ready and getting them to work hard to get the routines in their heads.

The younger ones coming through are working on the basics and it is really great to see them enjoying themselves and gaining more confidence.

We have a competition coming up near the end of September.  We are finalizing the lists of who will be going and notices will be sent home soon.  The comp is in Rotorua.

In the meantime, if you have a leotard at home, please can you bring it back to us on Wednesday next week (30th August).  We need to make sure we have them all back so that we can re-size etc before the next competition.

I have a list of who has them so will be chasing them up.  Spread the word among your friends that may still have one from either last comp or last year please.

We will be collecting leotards before the kids leave the competition and names will be ticked off (not handed in will lead to a $60.00 invoice, which I am sure parents don't really want)

The competition is in Rotorua this time and those that get chosen will be working really hard the next couple of weeks.  We will also be having a visit to the gym to practice on their equipment before the comp.

Happy Gym Practices everyone!

Robyn Hall and Marie Hughes

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Hi Everyone

For those selected to compete in the Te Puke Gym Comp on Friday, please meet at the Carnot Street School entrance by 7.50am.  We will be returning to school at around 3,30pm

Good luck girls!!

Robyn and Mrs Hughes

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What's Happening

Hi Everyone

The term is flying by!  Gymnastics is going well, it is great to see so many of the kids turning up for practices and learning the routines.

We have a competition in Te Puke next Friday, some of the children have been selected to represent our school at this comp.  Training for this comp is going well and the kids are excited about going.  For some of them this will be their first 'out of town' comp for gym.

We are continuing to learn routines this term and will be looking at which kids might get selected to come to the Rotorua Comp in September.  The selection is not just based on whether they can do the routine well but is also based on whether they come to practice regularly as that is all part of it.

Fantastic to see we now have a number of boys coming so I am confident we will send a boys team to the Rotorua comp!

PLEASE NOTE:  THERE IS NO GYMNASTICS THURSDAY 16TH JUNE - Mrs Hughes is away and I am taking a school team to Te Puke for a Squash tournament

See you all Wednesday next week.

Any queries, please contact us through the school office.

Robyn Hall

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Hey Everyone, welcome to Term Two

Gymnastics this term will be on Wednesday and Thursdays in the hall at lunch time.  Sorry for the changes in days last term, term one is always a little hectic!

We will be concentrating this term on routines to make sure those that get selected for competitions will be ready.

PLEASE ensure if your child wants to come to gym that they have their PE uniform as it is too hard to do gym in school uniforms.  Also, make sure their uniforms are named as when they take them off in the hall they don't always remember where they left their uniforms so can get mixed up with someone else.

Lastly, gym is all provided free to students and we coaches are volunteering our time to come and teach so all children coming to gym are expected to listen and behave while in the hall with the gym group.  We also ask that seniors and middle students help with packing the equipment away at the end of the session.

We should have a great term of gym and we are looking forward to helping get your child to be a better gymnast and be more confident with the routines.  There are a couple of out of town competitions this term and some of the children will be selected for these.

Practice! Practice!  Practice!

See you all at our first practice this week!

Marie Hughes and Robyn Hall