Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Hey Everyone, welcome to Term Two

Gymnastics this term will be on Wednesday and Thursdays in the hall at lunch time.  Sorry for the changes in days last term, term one is always a little hectic!

We will be concentrating this term on routines to make sure those that get selected for competitions will be ready.

PLEASE ensure if your child wants to come to gym that they have their PE uniform as it is too hard to do gym in school uniforms.  Also, make sure their uniforms are named as when they take them off in the hall they don't always remember where they left their uniforms so can get mixed up with someone else.

Lastly, gym is all provided free to students and we coaches are volunteering our time to come and teach so all children coming to gym are expected to listen and behave while in the hall with the gym group.  We also ask that seniors and middle students help with packing the equipment away at the end of the session.

We should have a great term of gym and we are looking forward to helping get your child to be a better gymnast and be more confident with the routines.  There are a couple of out of town competitions this term and some of the children will be selected for these.

Practice! Practice!  Practice!

See you all at our first practice this week!

Marie Hughes and Robyn Hall

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